Mar 25 2015

Majmoon Tour im April

Watch out for the Majmoon Tour in April!

Aug 1 2014


Die Band Majmoon erforscht seit 2003 Formen des experimentellen Rocks durch audiovisuelle Interaktionen. Mit Aktionen wie MajMusicalMonday, MajMusicalRadio,Noise Mobility Festival sowie verschiedenen musikalischen wie filmischen Co-Produktionen, ist Majmoon Rockband und Kunstprojekt zugleich.

Das Zusammenspiel der aktuellen Besetzung (Asmir Sabic, Axel Wagner, Gene Aichner, Josip Pavlov und Thomas Westner) bricht mit der Kontinuität des traditionellen Post-Rock und strukturiert sich mit Experimentierfreude neu: Klassische Instrumentierung trifft auf detailverliebte Vertonungen mit Blick auf minimalistische und doch eindringliche Umsetzung von Erlebnissen, Emotionen und Geschichte. Durch Repetition in ausführlich gestalteten Melodien und deren Variationsreichtum, gepaart mit unberechenbaren Einbrüchen von wütenden Gitarren, kräftigem Schlagzeug, unmittelbarem Gesang und bildgewaltiger Visuals, fügt sich Majmoon passend ein in die Mitte der Münchner Musikkultur.

Josip Pavlov       Gene Aichner       Asmir Sabic       Thomas Westner       Axel Wagner


What is MAJMOON ?

MAJMOON is a big bleeding heart.
MAJMOON’s songs tell stories; they open up a world which to delve and lose yourself in. They tell of remnants of war, anonymity in a concrete city, decaying death and a love for love. Thumping thrusting drums, glimmering guitars and a voice calling from another place which intersperses to break it up and then disappears again as if had never been there before. The songs build up and crash, they move like waves back and forth, back and forth. These are dark moments in history and personal epiphanies. The album centers around the notion ‘life is a snapshot in time’ which is reflected in the music, the lyrics as well as in the formal translation – all songs were recorded analogue and in one take; do it and so be it. A reflection within a reflection: a closed house with doors leading to one another. Distorted sounds and Kraut moments mix together to form an amalgam of ecstastic swaying and pounding. It is all about feelings and how to detroy them. You can feel that heart bleed all over your record player. Is it CAN, is it SHELLAC is it BATTLES or is any comparison superfl uous ? To hear, to listen, to feel, is the way to approach a band such as MAJMOON. Hypnotic darkness will envelope you in velvety scratches.These are soundtracks with which to forget yourself. Their philosophy is ‘Do it yourself and Do It Together’. The individuals come together to create a large swaying animal that lurches back and forth, howling, shouting and baying at the moon searching for answers.
DIT forever bye bye.