• 2003.___ “MEDITATION JOURNEY” (Self released – CD)
  • 2004.___”….FROM…TO…..” (Self released – CD)
  • 2006.___”SHIMPONAUT’S JOURNEY” (Rats’n'Reavens – CD)
  • 2008.___ erschien auf dem kroatischen Label Guranje s Litice eine Split-CD mit der Zagreber Noiserock-Legende Peach Pit in aufwändiger Verpackung und zwei (optisch) verschiedenen Versionen.
  • 2012.___„Procedure In A Case Of  Breakdown“ (bluNoise – Vinyl) – It was recorded live and without overdubs by Guido Lucas, Blubox Studio Troisdorf. Direct. Intense. Clear. The idea for this concept stems from Guido Lucas. He was able to grasp the essence of the band and reflect it also in the recording technique. Majmoon’s sound is rooted in improvisation and follows the mood of the musicians at a specific time and place. In its uncompromising directness these powerful as well as fragile moments pull this album together to become a whole.
  • 2013.___”Ten Years Of Riot And Thinking Of You” (bluNoise – CD/DVD) – Jubiläums CD-/DVD-Box – enthält vier Film-Dokumentationen sowie unveröffentlichtes Proberaummaterial aus den Jahren 2003 – 2013.




  • 2004.___”Seeleeincremen” Gedicht vom Peter Rubin – soundtrack by Majmoon
  • 2007.___ “Haleli” (Regie: Teresa Kuhn)
  • 2007.___”Josip” (Regie: Pary El-Qalqili)
  • 2011.___ Majmoon live scoring to Charlie Chaplin’s „City Lights”
  • 2011.___”Ottos Erbe – zwischen akustischer Altlast und künstlichem Klang” (Directed by Susanne Blech)
  • 2013.___Majmoon live scoring: “Hommage an Ivo Andric”




  • 2005.___KULT ZONE 5″ (sampler) “Three Million Hits” DIE RACHE DER ERHOLUNGS SUCHENDEN” (Milchmannrec, sampler) “Olli s Rox On”
  • 2006.___KULT ZONE 6″: (sampler) “Of fast and slow movements in the city”
  • 2007.___”DATH+NO-3″(Time as a color, tape sampler) “Autumn leaves”
    Listen Loudest/Slusaj najglasnije,  “Majmoon is close to the rain”…
    “MEHR HERTZ FÜR…(sampler)”Trumpet First”
  • 2008.___ KULT ZONE 7″ (sampler) “As I Feel Now”
    SUBKULTUR” (sampler)”Peachs Pit”
    FINEST NOISE” (sampler) “Peachs Pit Exp!”
  • 2012.___ROCK’n'ROLL PEOPLE Vol2.”My Neighbour Doesen’t Have a Cat
  • 2013.___SOUND OF MUNICH “Freedom To Obey”